Thailand tiger sightings hailed as conservation win

Pablo Tucker
July 30, 2020

Although there are tigers in captivity in Indian zoos, no close contact with visitors is allowed.

2,967tigers in the country as per the latest census report. Nearly a decade has passed since then. Launched ahead of the International Tiger Day on 29 July 2016, the report "Tiger selfies exposed: A portrait of Thailand's tiger entertainment industry" highlights the hidden cruelty and suffering in tiger entertainment venues across Thailand.

India, with more than 70 per cent of the global Tiger population, will take up the role of a leader in conservation of the big cat and provide guidance, capacity building measures, training and other support to all the 13 Tiger range countries.

Speaking on the eve of the Global Tiger Day, the minister said India is proud of its achievements and despite the scarcity of land and rainfall, it boasts of eight per cent of the world's biodiversity.

"In 1973, there were just nine tiger reserves which have now increased to 50".

Russian Federation has reported a 15% increase in tiger numbers over the past decade, with about 540 animals. Since the beginning of the 20th century, over 95% of the world's tiger population is lost. Although tiger poaching in the WEFCOM is arguably still relatively rare, recent (unconfirmed) reports of tiger poaching gangs targeting the southern WEFCOM landscape are concerning.

Since the tiger is an "umbrella species", its conservation enables the conservation of their entire ecosystems.

According to the population estimation of tigers in reserves for 2018-19, Corbett has 231 tigers, followed by Nagarhole and Bandipore reserves in Karnataka with 127 and 126 tigers respectively, reported PTI. Several animal rights agencies also organise online and offline events and competitions around the day.

Of the 17 tiger entertainment venues investigated in Thailand, Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Pattaya had the highest number of tigers in captivity. The day is being celebrated to create awareness on tiger conservation. Moreover, many celebrities also pitch in for International Tiger Day and try to spread awareness about the conditions of tigers using their massive social media presence. But now five countries - India, China, Nepal, Russia and Bhutan - have given hope for the future.

There are estimated to be about 160 Indochinese tigers left in the wild in Thailand, which has stepped up its conservation efforts over the last decade.

Poachers, who kill the animals for their skin and parts, have also brought the Malayan tiger, which roams the forested central spine of the Malayan peninsula, to the brink of extinction. But they're also opportunists, which means they won't pass up the chance for a daytime snack when it's available. As apex predators, they keep prey species under control. Stripes range in color from light brown to black and are not symmetrical on both sides of the body.

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