Spotify Premium Duo Expands Worldwide, Costs Rs. 149 in India

Carla Harmon
July 4, 2020

To change your Individual Premium plan to a Spotify Duo Premium, simply log into your account over at and head to the plans section. Named "Duo", this Spotify package promises an extremely useful experience for couples living in the same house. Today, the Duo plan makes its United States debut as part of another round of expansion that includes the UK, Germany, Italy, India, Spain and dozens more new markets. Also, if you haven't tried Spotify Premium, you might be eligible for a free month of Premium Duo when you sign up.

You might remember that Spotify started piloting this plan in March past year in five markets, and from the looks of it, not much has changed about Premium Duo now that it's gone global.

The basic premise of Premium Duo is a money-saving one.

Spotify is clearly segmenting its premium plan to ensure that it's designed for everyone and every stage of life. To that end, the couple will only have to make one monthly payment of RM19.80 to enjoy all the benefits that Spotify Premium offers. This ensures that two friends can not take advantage of this offer without being a couple. Premium users can share DJ duties with anyone in their immediate vicinity and hide songs from playlists.

Not to worry about privacy or your guilty pleasures though. It allows couples or two home to share a premium account for a total payment of $12.99 per month.

Spotify's most recent revenue report reveals ad-support revenues are falling short of its forecast. It first launched back in March of 2019 and was only available in Denmark, Ireland and Poland.

There's no word on if or when the new real-time lyrics feature might expand beyond the new markets. The company has added 55 new countries, and it will offer its services to two people (couples) at Rs. 149 per month. Overall, Premium Duo looks to be a solid offering to customers. Besides, these apps are expanding their reach to other parts of the world to attract users on their platform.

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