Sia stopped Maddie Ziegler from getting on a plane with Harvey Weinstein

Carla Harmon
July 5, 2020

She did have to admit to the irony that while she was hiding behind wigs to avoid the growing spotlight on her, she was thrusting the "Dance Moms" star into even bigger fame than she already knew with each subsequent music video.

"I kept her from the plane on which it tried to land Harvey Weinstein". "When he invited her, I told [Maddie's mom] Melissa, I just said, 'Please don't, do not do that, do not do that, do not do that'".

It's not clear at what age Maddie was when Sia's warning came to be, however, Ziegler is now 17-years-old.

In the same interview, the singer admitted she "threw this child into the spotlight", prompting her motherly like instincts over Ziegler- who first appeared in Sia's chandelier music clip when she was 11. "My bodyguard jokes that if I ever stop doing my singing thing, I should be a bodyguard because I'm so hyper-vigilant around Maddie". "I just love her as a mother, I love her as if she were mine". "I just had no idea then she would blow and be this famous little teenager".

She added, "I know that there's been times where my insight has really made a difference, like kept her safe".

Sia and Maddie Ziegler during We Can Survive 2014 at the Hollywood Bowl on October 24, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

"She was offered a part in a film and I felt that the film wasn't good enough for her", Sia confessed.

Reflecting on the Weinstein incident, Sia revealed that the movie mogul asked Ziegler to fly with him, but didn't give any indication as to how old the dancer was at the time. Yeah, that was really disgusting.

By the way, she Sia one year after the adoption became a grandmother.

"I called Melissa, and was like, 'Please don't do this, like this isn't good for her career".

The news comes after Harvey was sentenced to 23 years in prison back in March, after he was convicted of first-degree criminal sexual assault and third-degree rape. "But I've taken responsibility for it in as much as that I provide her security..."

Sia has been celebrating good news of her own, after announcing she's become a grandmother at the age of 44 - just weeks after announcing she adopted two sons previous year.

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