Ridiculous: The EU’s countries safe to let in list

Cheryl Sanders
July 1, 2020

European Union governments extended a travel ban for USA residents, deeming the American response to the coronavirus pandemic insufficient to allow its citizens to enter the bloc for non-essential reasons.

The country's borders have been closed since mid-March in support of the efforts seeking to contain the spread of COVID-19.

The 14 countries include Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Canada. The European Union has released a list of countries whose citizens can enter Europe amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and Canada is on the "safe list." The United States is not on the EU's list of countries whose citizens will be allowed entry.

"We are entering a new phase with a targeted opening of our external borders as of tomorrow", European Council President Charles Michel, who chairs summits of EU national leaders, tweeted.

The list, which will be updated every two weeks, is not legally binding, allowing individual European Union countries to implement the guidance as they wish.

The council says it will review and update its list every two weeks.

Whether unrestricted travel will take place immediately is not known, as immigration control is under the jurisdiction of each member nation.

Obermaier acknowledged some limitations for New Zealanders to travel right now, but said the priority for this list was about allowing travel within the EU.

The US has not only the highest number of reported coronavirus infections of any nation, now 2,590,582, but also the highest number of deaths, at, 126,141, according to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University.

In Brussels, EU headquarters underlined that the list "is not a legally binding instrument" which means the 31 governments can apply it as they see fit.

Large nations with high infection rates including Brazil, India, and Russian Federation were also left off the list. Effective Wednesday, the European Union (EU) is closing its borders to all US -based travelers.

In normal times, its 27 member states are free to travel and trade, much like we can go state-to-state in the U.S. "If the situation in a listed third country worsens quickly, rapid decision-making should be applied".

The European Union restricted nonessential travel to most of its member-states under rules in effect until at least June 30.

This is a compromised list - which can and will be added to - as Greece and Portugal, anxious to boost their dying economies, wanted as many countries as possible to be allowed in.

In March, President Donald Trump suspended all people from Europe´s ID check-free travel zone from entering the US, making it unlikely now that USA citizens would qualify to enter the EU.

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