PlayStation Indies Program Announces Its First Nine Games

Yolanda Curtis
July 5, 2020

Now that there are PlayStation Indies, the team hopes to bring the spotlight onto the best indie games out there, from the ones that get published on PlayStation, and turn the attention to the entire indie gaming community, from a holistic point of view. Going forward, Yoshida noted one new game will be added each month. His goal is to "make PlayStation the best place to develop, find and play great indie games".

How particularly that will manifest alone is yet to be verified, but Yoshida confirms that a new indie sport will be included to the PlayStation Now provider each month, beginning with Howdy Neighbor this month. And on its first day, the company has highlighted nine titles.

Among them is an exploration platformer called F.I.S.T.

Armature Studio's narrative adventure Where the Heart Is, Amanita Design's imaginative monster game Creaks, 2pt Interactive's physics-based space puzzle game Heavenly Bodies, hacking-themed platformer Recompile from Phigames, and puzzle adventure Cartofrom Humble Games were also revealed throughout the morning. Yes, there are AAA titles that release for gamers all the time, but there is also an ever-growing library of indie games from small developers that challenge the ideas of what a game can be and positively impact the industry. Think of games like Journey, LittleBigPlanet, and all of the other classic indie games that have stayed in our collective memory.

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