Plant-based steak from a 3D printer near you

Andrew Cummings
July 2, 2020

An Israeli startup, Redefine Meat, is planning to launch 3D printers that will produce beef-like plant-based "Alt Steaks" for consumers. Last year, market analysts at Barclays estimated the global market for meat substitutes could reach $140 billion by 2029, according to a June 2019 article from the research firm Statista.

"We can use a 3D model of an entirely different meat product with the same machine, process, and ingredients, whereas traditional food production technologies have to change entire formulations", cofounder and CEO Eschar Ben-Shitrit told Fast Company. "By using separate formulations for muscle, fat and blood, we can focus on each individual aspect of creating the flawless Alt-Steak product".

3D Printed Vegan Steak Coming to Market in 2021

Israeli start-up Redefine Meat is throwing its hat in the ring with plans to launch its industrial-scale 3D printers to meat distributors next year.

It can now print 3-6 kg (6.6-13.2 pounds) of meat an hour but the machines it will launch will be able to print 20 kg (44 pounds) an hour next year and eventually hundreds, at a cheaper cost than real meat. "This is unique to our 3D-printing technology and lets us achieve unprecedented control of what happens inside the matrix of alt-meat". Recent data seems to support that trend, as Forbes reported in early May that alternative meat sales grew since the start of the pandemic.

Israel has numerous alternative and cultured meat start-ups.

Aleph Farms is working on lab-grown steak.

Founded in 2018, the company raised $6 million previous year in a round led by CPT Capital, an investor in Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods.

That's thanks to Redefine Meat, a well-funded startup trying to become the Impossible Burger of the steak world with a little help from 3D printing.

"At the end of the day, technology is important but what's more interesting is to have a really delicious and tasty food product that you can cut through and have a bite, and be excited".

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