Partygoers Were Fined $18,000 After Ordering KFC | WiLD 94.9 | Crystal Rosas

Andrew Cummings
July 12, 2020

When some customers rolled up with an "unusually large" order, they tipped off police that a large gathering - illegal during the pandemic - might be going on.

After speaking to the two customers a report was made to police, who got the registration number of the auto and followed them to a town house where they found 16 people hiding out the back.

Each partygoer was fined $1,150 - making a total of $18,000 just for some fried chicken.

The party, for someone's birthday, was picked up on in the Dandenong region at around 1:30am last night.

Victorian police ended up issuing 16 fines for the breach of the state's newly re-imposed stay-at-home directions, totalling $26,000.

"That is a heck of a birthday party to recall".

"That is ridiculous that type of behaviour", he said.

"They saw two people in there, and they were ordering 20-odd meals at 1:30 this morning", Patton told reporters at the news conference Friday.

He said the Victoria police have issued 60 fines over 24 hours for similar breaches of the lockdown that are in place with stage 3 restrictions during which people are allowed to go out only for four reasons - exercise, buying essentials, work or medical needs.

Four sex workers were fined at a brothel that was still receiving customers, as were a couple who tried twice to reach their holiday house via a auto against orders to remain at their primary place of residence. The apartment was being used as a brothel.

"If people don't want to comply, we will make them", he said.
The urgency of this lockdown can't be disputed, though, with the state reporting 288 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews recommended that people living in Melbourne wear masks in public as the state's outbreak continues to grow. "But it is an indication of the transmission that was occurring a week ago that showing up in the numbers today and we may well see it worsen before it gets better".

"We said we would be increasing our enforcement and we are, and there are a range of issues over the city last night where there were parties, people who were drunk and out and about", Commissioner Patton said.

For nearly five million people, there are just four valid reasons to leave the house - medical care, getting groceries, providing care or going to work or study if it's not possible at home.

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