Nike pulls Washington Redskins apparel from its website amid team name controversy

Ross Houston
July 3, 2020

Many consider the nickname of the National Football League club to be a racial slur directed at Native Americans and although there has been mounting pressure for the team to play under a different name, Snyder has refused.

This comes one day after Mary Emily O'Hara of AdWeek reported that 87 investment firms sent letters to FedEx, Nike, and PepsiCo to stop doing business with the franchise unless the team changed its name from the Washington Redskins.

Eleanor Holmes Norton said she would fight any move by the Redskins to actually reside in Washington without the team changing a name some believe is racist.

Six investment groups are leading the push: First Peoples Worldwide, Oneida Nation Trust Enrollment Committee, Trillium Asset Management, LLC Boston Common Asset Management, LLC Boston Trust Walden Mercy Investment Services, and First Affirmative Financial Network.

Redskins owner Daniel Snyder has sneered at protesters who have for years asked the team to change its name, saying its a slur against Native Americans.

First Peoples Worldwide director Carla Fredericks told Adweek, "This is a broader movement now that's happening that Indigenous peoples are part of".

Snyder has said that the team will not change the nickname as long as he is in charge. "With social media now, obviously everything is very different". In 2017, he won a Supreme Court case after the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board voted to strip the Redskins of its trademarks because it determined that the name was disparaging.

The Redskins recently removed former owner George Preston Marshall from their ring of fame. However, Washington officials said the old RFK Stadium site - where the team played from 1961-96 - is "off the table" for a new Redskins facility unless the team changes its name.

Snyder has been under more pressure in recent weeks to change the name given the social climate following the death of George Floyd in Minnesota.

The franchise is exploring plans to build a new stadium in Virginia, but negotiations about how the stadium would be funded make that move uncertain.

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