Nick Kyrgios calls Boris Becker ‘doughnut’ in reply to ‘rat’ accusation

Ross Houston
July 2, 2020

Kyrgios had previously criticised the organisers of the Balkan event and hit out at governing bodies for their plans to restart professional tennis during the pandemic.

Two outspoken gents in the tennis fraternity, Boris Becker and Nick Kyrgios have had a bitter feud on Twitter on Tuesday.

The statement did not bode well with Becker who took to Twitter to confront the Aussie tennis champion. Any individual telling off fellow sportsman/woman is no friend of mine!

"I think there are a lot of young guys that are right now, no offence, just better than him", said Zverev then, playing down Kyrgios' chances of winning a Grand Slam.

"We live in a pandemic, with the name COVID-19 ," wrote the former Wimbledon Champion to the address of Kyrgios : "This is bad and has claimed many lives".

It would seem that six-time Grand Slam victor and three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker wasn't particularly pleased with Kyrgios' interest in the story.

Kyrgios did not take kindly to the diversion tactic, and he ends the back-and-forth by reminding Becker the actions of his fellow players took place off the court and carry serious consequences outside the sport. "It is a global pandemic, and if someone is as idiotic as Alex that he I criticise what he has done, then him".

"Rats? For holding an individual accountable?"

"I don't go out of my way to think about what Nick is thinking".

Kyrgios said, "I am seeing many controversial things in the world, but to see Zverev like this is surprising. And you have a goose waving his arms around, imma say something", he replied before following up with a second serve. Kyrgios would clearly rather be a rat than a circular sugary breakfast treat, calling Becker "a bigger doughnut than I thought". Kyrgios countered the Hall of Famer "obviously isn't the sharpest tool in the shed".

After copping a mammoth wave of backlash on Twitter, Becker softened his stance: "Your amusing guy ... how is it down under?"

The let Becker , of course, sit up and back shot against Kyrgios : "You're a amusing guy!"

Becker is a well-known commentator and pundit for the BBC, regularly appearing on the channel's television coverage at Wimbledon.

World number seven Zverev committed to self-isolating last week following his involvement in the Adria Tour, which resulted in several players contracting the coronavirus. "Man up buddy and deliver!" wrote Becker.

"If you have the audacity to put out a tweet that you made your management write on your behalf saying you're going to self-isolate for 14-days and apologising to the general public for putting their health at risk, at least have the audacity to stay inside for 14 days", world No. 40 Kyrgios said.

"Why are you now talking about tennis?"

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