List Of Apps You Should Delete From Your Phone

Yolanda Curtis
July 7, 2020

As per the security firm's findings, the apps came with malware which kept a record of Facebook login details when victims use it from their phone. As per the reports, the apps offered different functionalities, and it used the same method for getting users credentials. But unfortunately, the threat is not over yet as the company has again discovered 25 more malware apps.

Nearly 25 Android apps were deleted from the Google Play store recently after French cybersecurity firm Evina alerted the tech giant about some apps which were found to have been stealing Facebook login details of the users.

Sketchy Android apps that spy on users and steal data have been a nagging presence inside Google's Play Store for a while now, despite the search giant's best efforts to rid its app marketplace of bad actors. The firm even mentioned that by the time they were taken down, these 25 apps were downloaded some 2.34 million times in total.

Consider this your umpteenth reminder that for as much as Google keeps improving or promising it's improved the company's proprietary app marketplace, sketchy app developers will never stop coming and never stop trying to sneak into the Google Play Store - past all the company's defenses - to put its apps into the mix and awaiting your download. Most of the apps were offering new wallpapers, and others were providing video editing tools and other tools.

Furthermore, according to Lionel Ferri, Evina CTO, this malware can not even be identified by Facebook because it appears in front as soon as the app opens.

Here's a full list of the apps that Google has removed.

The malware works by waiting for the user to launch an app that's made by Facebook. These apps can mimic Facebook's login page by overlaying a web browser window on top of the official app of the social media giant.

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