Johnson warns Israel against plans to annex part of West Bank

Cheryl Sanders
July 2, 2020

"If implemented, annexation would constitute a most serious violation of worldwide law, grievously harm the prospect of a two-state solution and undercut the possibilities of a renewal of negotiations", he told the Security Council. US officials have said they don't want to move forward without both leaders in agreement.

"We are extremely skeptical about the plans of the new Israeli government [.]", said Juergen Hardt, foreign policy spokesman for the German chancellor's Christian Democratic party faction.

What's next: Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders and their allies advocate conditioning United States military aid to Israel should it move ahead with annexation, something that center-left and progressive advocacy groups such as J Street have started advocating in recent months.

Maas called on Israel to reconsider such plans, saying it was still possible to use "the opportunity and the time window" before a likely annexation.

Akunis said coordination with the Trump administration could not be dismissed.

Describing himself as a "passionate defender of Israel", Johnson revealed that he had followed proposals to annex occupied Palestinian territory "with sadness", and warned that if carried out, it would "represent a violation of global law".

"Annexation is an existential threat for our future", he said.

The joint press conference was spurred by common opposition against US President Donald Trump's controversial peace plan, which paves the way for Israel to annex territory in the occupied West Bank, including Jewish settlements considered illegal under worldwide law.

Talaa Saoud Atlassi, president of the International Committee for the Support of the Palestinian People, highlighted the parallels between the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Western Sahara question.

'As a life-long friend, admirer and supporter of Israel, I am fearful that these proposals will fail in their objective of securing Israel's borders and will be contrary to Israel's own long-term interests'.

The West Bank is a landlocked territory running along the west bank of the River Jordan with as many as three million Palestinians living there.

The settlements are widely considered illegal under worldwide law, though Israel - and the U.S. under the Trump administration - denies this. They contend that it would make an independent Palestinian state nonviable.

For weeks, observers of Israel and the Palestinian territories have had July 1 circled on the calendar. He also has defended it in religious terms, saying the territories are part of the biblical land of Israel.

Netanyahu and his senior coalition partner Benny Gantz are at odds over the timing of any unilateral annexation move.

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