Ivanka Trump strongly criticized after the pub for these beans

Carla Harmon
July 15, 2020

It remains unclear how calls to boycott have impacted business, but the President claimed in a Wednesday morning tweet that Goya is "doing GREAT".

USA presidential adviser Ivanka Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday to support Goya Foods after the largest Hispanic-owned US food company became the target of a social media boycott campaign sparked by its CEO's effusive praise for President Donald Trump. She also included the Spanish translation in postings on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

"People are buying like insane!" he wrote.

But, importantly, African Americans, who make up a far smaller portion of the total population than whites, are killed at a rate more than twice that of whites.

Clinton, who was the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, recently suggested that the U.S. needs to "be ready" for the possibility that Trump won't "go quietly" if he loses his run for a second term in a few months. The latest New York Times/Siena College poll reveals that Hispanic people favor former Vice President Joe Biden over Trump in the race for president by a 36 percentage-point margin.

White House adviser and President's daughter Ivanka Trump may have violated a government ethics rule when she posted a photo of herself holding a can of black beans Tuesday night. According to 5 C.F.R. § 2635.702, "A [government] employee may not use his public office for his own private gain or for that of persons or organizations with which he is associated personally".

But after Unanue's praise of the president's actions, politicians and celebrities alike pushed for a boycott of the company.

Trump has campaigned on the alienation of immigrants from Latin America, calling Mexican immigrants "rapists" and accusing them of bringing drugs into the United States. He has also rallied against an Obama-era program meant to protect people brought into the United States illegally as children. Trump has also spent much of his term as president trying to build a wall along the southern USA border while establishing a policy that separated children from parents at the border.

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway was criticized in 2017 after she appeared to break similar federal ethics rules when she said on television that Americans should "go buy Ivanka's stuff".

A spokeswoman for Trump defended the post, which, she said, showed "personal support" for the brand, slamming the media and the "cancel culture movement".

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