HP Reverb G2 officially announced, takes inspiration from Valve Index

Yolanda Curtis
July 3, 2020

We think the Valve Index is now the best VR headset for gaming on the market, and any tech that can be taken from this "as close to next-gen as you can get" HMD and placed on HP's new Reverb G2 can only be a plus - especially for the low price of $599, which is what the Reverb G2 will retail for.

HP and Microsoft developed the G2 with input from Valve.

The resolution will be 2K by 2K per eye (same as the previous generation), but it still has the highest resolution for a VR headset among major vendors. But what's more exciting than the resolution is the new hardware going into this thing.

The Reverb G2 starts at $599 and is a wired headset, so it's not standalone and requires a PC to operate.

Interpupillary distance (IPD) adjustment allows you to adapt the width of the lenses for different eye distances, so you get a ideal fit. For me, this is a must-have for any decent HMD, so it is good to see HP adding it. The new headset features a total of four cameras, with the two new cameras on the side allowing for improved motion detection. HP claims the difference in tracking accuracy is obvious and substantial.

Yes, HP says the very same speaker drivers and audio calibration from the Valve Index will be included in the Reverb G2, providing - and I mean this literally - unparalleled audio immersion (but obviously still parallel to the Index itself). Dual microphones are unchanged from the first generation Reverb. It will feature new intuitive controls including optimized button layout, and it will be able to pre-pair via Bluetooth for easy setup. The grip buttons also have an analog readout now, for additional flexibility in application design. It's longer with a single-barrel cable instead of a double-barrel cable. If you have a USB-C port that provides at least 6 watts of power, you can simply plug in the G2. The redesigned headband also has a flip-up feature, so you can quickly put the HMD to your face without having to fiddle with the headband.

At 1.21 pounds, the G2 is a touch heavier than its predecessor.

While the G2 is still a Windows MR device, HP has worked closely with both Microsoft and Valve to support SteamVR games and apps. Are any of you planning on getting a VR headset this year?

The HP Reverb G2 is coming this fall at $599 dollars and can be preordered starting today.

Specifically, the HP Reverb G2's lenses are designed by Valve, and to achieve stunning visual quality these are combined with boosts to clarity, contrast, and brightness, as well as the reduction of persistence and perceived mura (the "dirty goggles" effect that some complained was a problem with the original Reverb). Other geographies will follow, of course.

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