Google Play Removes 25 Apps Caught Stealing Facebook Credentials From Users: Evina

Yolanda Curtis
July 4, 2020

With the introduction of new technologies of smart phones, important convenience has come to our lives.

Based on the report, Nearby Share works similarly to Apple's Airdrop function but with some minor differences. Now this feature seems to be standard on all Android devices via Google.

Many of us have earned a few bucks (if not tens or hundreds) through the Opinion Rewards app, though Android Police's Stephen Schenck remains at a lifetime zero for both surveys and credit. The feature is now available along with the latest version of the Play Services beta that was recently released. Now with Google bringing its Nearby Share feature, transferring large files among Android phones will be easy and the fact that it will be a system system will make it easier for users as they will not have to depend on specific apps like SHAREit.

Based on the screenshots revealed, you can enable Nearby Sharing via the settings menu or toggle it using a Quick Settings tile. Once done, users will be able to see the Nearby Share option on the share sheet. Users can set AirDrop to receive files from anyone, contacts only, or have AirDrop turned off. These AirDrop users in close proximity to others, say on a subway, a theater, or in a doctor's waiting room, send X-rated images through an AirDrop connection. It's not clear how many users ended up having their Facebook credentials stolen. The situation was the same for Samsung and Huawei. Google removed the apps earlier in June after the cyber-security firm reported its potential threat in May this year.

Google has not shared any detailed information about its new service so far. "Our goal is to launch the feature with support for Android 6+ devices as well as other platforms".

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