Google discontinues its affordable Pixel 3a and 3a XL phones

Yolanda Curtis
July 5, 2020

One of the best budget smartphones on the market right now, the Google Pixel 3a, has been discontinued.

The company said it had "completed sales" of the phone in a statement to Android Police.

If you are fascinated in deciding upon the Pixel 3a or 3a XL, now is your very last opportunity.

Most of the time, when smartphones are discontinued, it happens at the same time as a newer version is launched.

A calendar year afterwards, the Pixel 3a continues to be fantastic, but now it is lifeless. Most people are now waiting for the release of the Pixel 4a anyway, but the Pixel 3a kept selling a respectable amount of units to those who still valued what it had to offer. We reviewed the Pixel 3a and loved what it had to offer with a starting price of $399. Plus, all high-end phone models move away from notches and towards punch-hole cameras. Doing so is a smart move from a business standpoint.

That does suggest we won't see a massive difference in battery life when comparing the phone to its predecessor, but if it performs like the 3a, it should easily get most users through a day.

Now, its price is moving in the opposite direction. While the Pixel 3 XL came with a notch similar to this, the Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 4, and Pixel 4 XL had bezels. Sometimes, though, the phones stop being sold just before, as is often the case with OnePlus phones.

While you might still be able to sniff out a Pixel 3a at the back of a store shelf, you might not want to.

Of course, that inventory likely won't last long.

Google has not yet announced a successor to the Pixel 3a, but the company is rumored to be developing a sequel called the Pixel 4a.

However, it's unclear when the phone would debut.

The Pixel 4a has been spotted a number of times now and is expected to be available in Just Black and Barely Blue.

Google Pixel 5 is still veiled in mystery due to a lack of reports and leaks.

Unlike last year's Pixel 3a, we aren't expecting the Active Edge or squeezy sides to return, but there should still be a fingerprint reader on the rear and other improvements. However, the release date of the upcoming Pixel 4a model is keep being postponed.

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