FedEx asks Washington Redskins to change team name

Ross Houston
July 3, 2020

A group of investment firms asked companies like Nike and Pepsi on Wednesday to refuse to do business with the team until a name change happens.

FedEx, a company whose name is on the stadium in which Washington's National Football League franchise plays its home games, has requested the team change its name. FedEx founder, chairman and CEO Frederick Smith also is a team minority owner. However, Washington officials said the old RFK Stadium site - where the team played from 1961-96 - is "off the table" for a new Redskins facility unless the team changes its name. Following the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota in May, there has been an increased wave of protests and demonstrations aimed at fighting issues of racial injustice. The investor letter to PepsiCo, for example, cites the company's "decision to sunset the Aunt Jemima brand is an important and meaningful step", and calls on it to continue that commitment to divesting from racist mascots by ending its relationship with the Redskins.

The report by Adweek says three different letters signed by 87 investment firms and shareholders were addressed last week to the three major corporations.

The franchise has been called the Redskins since the Boston Braves changed their name in 1933, then moved to Washington D.C. four years later.

The team's derogatory and discriminatory name toward Native American peoples has been front and center over the years, and any change has been met with heavy resistance from Snyder during the duration of his ownership. That's right, FedEx is urging the team to change the nickname, or else they may withdraw their sponsorship.

The Redskins recently removed former owner George Preston Marshall from their ring of fame.

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