Facebook passwords stolen by 25 malicious Android apps

Yolanda Curtis
July 1, 2020

It used NFC to initiate a connection for file transfers, but it used Bluetooth, that was painfully slow.

As for the security robustness of the system, it remains to be seen how effective it is at handling the nefarious motives of hackers, but like any piece of software, if you unknowingly accept files over Nearby Share, there will likely be little recourse. Android Police has got hands-on experience with the feature and has shared some of the screenshots with us which clearly shows that this feature is totally same as AirDrop. This indicates that the feature will work on Chromebooks as well, and cross-compatibility with Android devices seems very likely.

Twenty-five malicious Android apps that were secretly created to steal Facebook account credentials have been deleted from the Google Play Store. A received tweet will end up in your Twitter app, files in the download directory, URLs in the browser, and photos wherever you keep images.

With Nearby Share, the hope is that it will gain ubiquity due to being on every Android phone.

Check out the source link to see Android Police's full writeup on the Nearby Share feature.

"We're pleased to announce that the Android Management API will support these work profile enhancements in July enabling customers and developers to try out these new features on the Android 11 Beta", Google said.

As for accessing and sharing content, a user intending to receive will need to activate the function and make their device visible to others.

Google is rolling out Nearby Share, a competitor to Apple's AirDrop, in beta, The feature has been spotted in testing for over a while now, and this is the first time it would be made more broadly available.

Samsung had S-Share for several years, that used NFC to initiate an association, but then sent files over Wi-Fi.

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