Crysis Remastered delayed after leaked trailer gets roasted

Yolanda Curtis
July 4, 2020

Crytek has caught wind of this, and has made a decision to delay the launch of the game to give it more polish. Yet what was meant to be an exciting announcement for all those developers over at Crytek that have been busting their assess to overhaul a game that's almost fifteen years old, was spoiled by a leaked trailer of Crysis Remastered.

The trailer was supposed to debut today, but screenshots and gameplay footage leaked for both the Nintendo Switch and other platforms. Several commented on how the game's graphics remained significantly unchanged from the 2007 original; one fan even said the remaster "looks like original Crysis but with the lowest settings". Do you think Crytek can make the game appear to its "console-breaking" potential? It also advised people to watch the official Crysis Twitter account for future updates.

This announcement comes just a day after a trailer leaked online along with the previous release date, which was July 23. The exception to this is the Nintendo Switch, as the pre-orders for the platform has already started.

The features you're looking forward to are already set, but we want to take the time on polishing the game. You might be aware of the leak yesterday, and we want you to know: we've seen all the reactions - the good and the bad - and we're listening.

Crytek did not specifically mention what their planned improvements would be outside of continued work on a "storefront". Please keep the love coming, and rest assure, you'll have the game you love shortly! Stay tuned, and we'll have that game, in your hands as soon as we pos-sibly can. The original Crysis is available on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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