County in Hebei put under strict lockdown

Cheryl Sanders
July 1, 2020

China has imposed a new strict covid-19 lockdown as new cases spike in Beijing and nearby provinces. One such bus has four sampling windows, each of which can sample about a hundred people per hour.

China put 400,000 residents of a northern county under lockdown over the weekend after at least a dozen coronavirus cases associated with the Beijing outbreak were reported there.

Only essential workers are free to leave their homes, while one member of a household is allowed to go out once a day to shop for necessities, the BBC reported.

In recent weeks, China has been seeing new cases of the coronavirus in Beijing and neighbouring provinces.

In Beijing, 14 new cases of the virus were reported Sunday, bringing the total number of cases since a mid-June outbreak at a food market to 311, the BBC reported. The market supplies much of the city's fresh produce.

Businesses in Anxin County had supplied freshwater fish to the Xinfadi market.

Almost a third of the cases so far have been linked to one beef and mutton section in the market, where workers are being made to quarantine for a month, city officials said Sunday.

The State Post Bureau, which oversees the country's postal service, said on Tuesday that as of June 27, 104,807 workers from major delivery firms in the city had been tested and no positive results were found, according to a report by state broadcaster CCTV.

State broadcaster CCTV reported on Saturday that the next step would involve testing about 3 million people working in the rest of Beijing's education sector.

Zhang added that Beijing's daily testing capacity has increased to 458,000 per day.

For the time being, the local government has extended quarantine period for 28 days and ordered nucleic acid and antibody tests to patients in the Fengtai district, in addition to requiring the sellers from the Xinfadi market the certificates that guarantee the safety of their merchandise, especially imported seafood. It warned that the city needed to continue tracing the spread of the virus.

Images taken by Beijing residents show the spiked pieces of ice - resembling the spherical virus particles - after they were rained down on the capital city Thursday during a freak summer thunderstorm.

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