Coronavirus treatment: Mylan to offer remdesivir in India at Rs 4,800

Henrietta Brewer
July 7, 2020

Last week Spahn said Germany had sufficient reserves of remdesivir to treat the limited number of COVID-19 patients the country now has.

Now, Europe has decided it needs to look out for itself, too.

This webinar will describe strategies to mitigate risks, reduce attrition and help improve the quality and safety of your drug candidate.

At this point in time, Remdesivir can turn out to be a life-saving drug. "We stand ready to support a coordinated European Union procurement procedure to secure swift, broad and fair access".

While revealing that the Trump administration had secured 500,000 global supply of Remdesivir for the next three months, the HHS noted that the first delivery represented 100% of Gilead's July production capacity and 90 per cent of its capacity in August and September.

The deal drew concerns that other countries wouldn't be able to get enough injections for their own populations-and that it could set a bad example for vicious competition over potential COVID-19 treatments and vaccines.

The drug controller has said that the importer of the drug (Gilead pharma) took an import licence on 1st of June and is yet to supply the drug.

Marketed under the brand name Veklury, remdesivir is approved for treatment of COVID-19 in adults and adolescents aged 12 years and over and weighing at least 40kg, with pneumonia requiring supplemental oxygen. Later, University of Oxford researchers said that a large study showed that dexamethasone, a cheap generic anti-inflammatory, improves survival in severely ill patients.

Mylan previously announced a global collaboration agreement with Gilead Sciences for the commercialization of remdesivir in 127 low- and middle-income countries, including India. Mylan has priced its brand "DESREMTM" at ₹4,800 per vial.

Gilead Sciences just nabbed another huge potential customer for its drug remdesivir. The company recently doubled its supply goal to cover more than 2 million patients by year-end.

Low and middle income countries can produce generic versions of the drug under licensing deals already agreed with Gilead but European and other high-income countries are not able to buy remdesivir or produce it for three months, although the United Kingdom and Germany have sufficient stockpiles of the drug for the time being.

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