Corona Cuisine? Madurai Restaurant is Serving Mask Parottas for Covid-19 Awareness

Yolanda Curtis
July 10, 2020

The owner of the restaurant chain, which is one of the biggest chains in the city is K.L. Kumar.

Among others spreading awareness about the coronavirus pandemic, the game of India's food industry is the coolest and most creative since after Corona Sandesh in Kolkata, we now have mask parottas in Tamil Nadu's Madurai.

Famed for its parottas, Madurai's Hotel Temple City has created a coronavirus-themed menu that includes mask-shaped parottas to remind its customers about the need to practice safety measures amidst the pandemic. "We chose to price two of these parottas at Rs 50, with a complimentary serving of korma and raita", says Kumar, who admits that making parottas in the shape of a mask takes a few seconds longer per parotta. He said that they conceived the idea on the morning of 7th July and quickly executed the idea to bring it into the market that very afternoon, reports The Hindu.

What's your creative excuse to not wear a mask now? "We figured why not take the awareness drive a step further, and give our patrons reasons to do not forget to wear a mask while stepping out, by serving edible masks". He also said initially when the restaurant was opened, many came there without a mask and they gave them free masks to wear and are still handing them out for those who come to pick up deliveries. All the ingredients are the same. This is not the first entry to the coronavirus food menu. Children are particularly interested, he adds. "We just put two and two together", he concludes. "Word got out on social media that we were serving up these parottas even before we sold our first plate, and we sold 50 sets of parottas by lunch", says Kumar. "Salute the creativity", says a Twitter user. Earlier they also made Tendulkar dosai which was shaped like a cricket bat and a Baba paneer masala dosai. With the district currently under a complete lockdown due to the surge in the number of COVID-19 positive cases, Mr. Kumar says that any and all awareness was important for the public right now.

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