Carl Bernstein exclusive: Trump's (classified) phone calls alarm U.S. officials, "often delusional"

Cheryl Sanders
July 2, 2020

"Do we warn them, do we talk to them?" European openings can still have the same painful effects as they do in countries like Florida, Texas and Arizona. But European states generally imposed before, tighter lockdowns than in the USA, and mask sporting is not the polarized challenge it is below.

Camera IconAustralian Prime Minister Scott Morrison with US President Donald Trump at the White House in 2019. The president often explodes at perceived slights. But because he simply ignored the Covid-19 crisis in the USA, he might have let this one slide. Thousands and thousands carry their bucks throughout the Atlantic every calendar year, drawn by the continent's background, cuisine and atmosphere. According to European Union data, Italy, France, Germany and Spain host most Americans. But until the two-way flow between the Old World and the New World is restored, the murmurs of visitors who admire European cathedrals and museums will disappear that je ne sais quoi from the American clang heard before.

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What did Trump learn about statecraft after hundreds of "top secret" phone calls and negotiations with foreign leaders?

In calls with the German chancellor, Trump reportedly bullied and disparaged Merkel in a "near-sadistic" fashion, according to the CNN report by Carl Bernstein, a longtime journalist known for his reporting on the Watergate scandal for The Washington Post.

The Telegraph notes that Bernstein's reporting found that Trump also "denigrated" German Chancellor Angela Merkel - whom he called "stupid" - while remaining "cordial - even reverential" with Vladimir Putin of Russian Federation and Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey.

Between the revelations: Erdogan's timing for phone calls was so fantastic that some staffers puzzled if he had entry to Trump's personalized routine.

However, a source said Merkel took Trump's malice "like water off a duck's back" and would simply respond "with recitations of fact". No marvel staffers grit their teeth when the President's fingers head for the phone.

For the intelligence service which was supposed to operate in the shadows, Russia's GRU seems to attract a lot of headlines. The GRU - formally known as the General Staff Directorate - has long existed accused the West orchestrating rude and high-profile attacks, including hacking Democratic Party email accounts during the 2016 us presidential election and the 2018 nerve agent attack in Salisbury, England.

The reports of Trump's differential treatment of world leaders comes amid allegations that he sat on intel claiming Russian Federation was offering a bounty to the Taliban to kill United States soldiers in Afghanistan-having known about it months before the New York Times reported the details. Strangely enough, however, the alleged operation could potentially conflict with Russia's goal of bringing the fighters to the table in Afghanistan.

Russian Federation has fostered contacts with the Taliban and other warring parties in Afghanistan as a way to influence outcomes in what is seen as its strategic backyard. "It's always been acknowledged that there were being Russian contacts with the Taliban and at minimum amount some greasing of the romantic relationship with advantages as a hedging system", states Laurel Miller, plan director for Asia with Global Crisis Group.

Even so, she extra, an procedure to set bounties on U.S. troops would be considerably much more provocative and a "unique point" from its regular habits. "It conflicts with what Russian formal plan is", she explained. To other global leaders, including key USA allies, he was reportedly flat-out abusive.

But the agency has a brash reputation - and has operated opportunistically or independently of previous official policies. Andrew Weiss, Vice President of Carnegie Endowment Studies for International Peace, points out that the GRU is aggressively conducting operations that cause it to drop out of diplomacy.

"Erdogan took him to the cleaners", said one of the sources". This sent a message to GRU's enemies. "The Kremlin is not a well-oiled machine, but over and over again, Putin, either by denying Russia's blatant misdeeds or by throwing a security blanket over his security establishment, does little to enhance Russia's worldwide image".

Trump said he was never briefed on the alleged GRU gift scheme. Why failed to they?

However, Mr Trump's private calls with Vladimir Putin reportedly had the tone of "two guys in a steam bath", but the Russian president "outplays" his U.S. counterpart.

'If I could make a wall around us...

Trump is not the only United States leader to build a wall. "We lived through hell in this state to get to where we are", he said, referring to New Jersey's battle with Covid-19. Frankly, I never thought I would say these words, but if I could build a wall around us or in our region, I would.

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