Amazon's Crucible is being un-released and going back into closed beta

Yolanda Curtis
July 2, 2020

If you're even remotely curious about Crucible, it's probably best to add Crucible to your account on Steam right now - it may very well go away by tomorrow morning.

Crucible was released on May possibly 20. First, Relentless and Amazon confirmed it would be removing two of Crucible's game modes from circulation, Harvester Command and Alpha Hunters, leaving Hearts of the Hives as the sole mode for players to experience. After that, it looks like you'll have to register at to get into the Crucible closed beta.

Other players must have agreed, as the game's population tanked shortly after launch. Since then, Crucible has remained live on Steam as a Free to Play game, although the option of purchasing a "Founder's Pack" is also there. "When we exit beta, it will be based on your feedback and the metrics that we see in-game". Just a couple days following its launch, the game hit its peak of 10,000 gamers and has been on a steady decrease ever given that, making it a catastrophic and pretty noticeable failure for Amazon Activity Studios.

Crucible was meant to be evidence that Amazon could create high-profile online games.

"Fingers crossed that the [Lord of the Rings] one won't be the same sort of trash as Crucible and New World".

"Crucible" is developed by Amazon-owned Relentless Studios, and in a blog post on Tuesday, franchise lead Colin Johanson cited the need to "focus on providing the best possible experience for our players as we continue to make the game better". The Arkham Knight disaster comes to mind, but that game wasn't free-to-play.

It's a third-person team-based shooter set in an apocalyptic sci-fi future.

There are three different game modes, including one 8v8 single elimination round.

Interestingly though, players are fine to discuss and share content about the game openly on social media because, well, there's something about closing the stable door after the horse has bolted here, isn't there? And, there were mid-match conditional changes, but these weren't explained at any point.

Insiders at the firm said that Crucible is designed for competitive play, but it's not clear that the game won't have a proper esports scene for some time.

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