Alabama Candidate Tuberville: 'Quarterback' Trump 'Still Completing Passes'

Cheryl Sanders
July 16, 2020

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions has lost his bid to run for the Senate after a candidate backed by President Donald Trump defeated him in Alabama. The first US senator to endorse Trump during the GOP presidential primary campaign, Sessions insisted throughout his attempted comeback and again in defeat that he was required by law to recuse because he was a potential subject and witness given his campaign ties to the president. Sessions held the seat for 20 years before resigning to become President Trump's first attorney general and lost Tuesday to Tommy Tuberville.

Sessions insisted throughout the campaign and again Tuesday night in defeat that he was required by law to recuse because he was a potential subject and witness given his campaign ties to the president.

Sessions, 73, was wounded by Trump's criticisms after he recused himself in the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Tuberville, 65, has never held public office but comes to the political arena with a well-known brand.

Republicans in the state say the results could end up being driven by turnout which, in a runoff election, is usually fairly meager compared to other elections, but the high-stakes nature of the race could pull more people to the polls than anticipated. 'We don't want him back in Washington!'

"I leave elected office with my integrity intact", Sessions said.

But Mr Sessions's statements of continued loyalty have never been enough for Mr Trump, who endorsed Mr Tuberville after Alabama's March primary. "That's why I endorsed Coach Tommy Tuberville (@TTuberville), the true supporter of our #MAGA agenda!"

Jeff Sessions took the stage Tuesday night near the Alabama gulf coast with the same certitude he'd displayed on another, bigger stage across town nearly five years ago. Will be a GREAT Senator for the incredible people of Alabama.

Neither Trump nor the boisterous throngs they'd greeted together at an August 2015 stadium rally were anywhere to be seen as Sessions calmly conceded defeat in Alabama's Republican Senate runoff.

The former Auburn University football coach will now face Democratic incumbent Sen.

Primaries were also being held Tuesday in ME and Texas, where Democrats decide who will challenge the Republican senators from those states.

When asked what is the key issue that drives him in the upcoming election, Tuberville said the need to bring back jobs.

'Big Senate Race in Alabama on Tuesday.

Sessions has endorsements from large swaths of the Senate Republican caucus, the NRA, and two former US attorneys general. "You know me", Sessions told voters days before the runoff. Coach Tommy Tuberville, a victor, has my Complete and Total Endorsement.

Just yesterday, the President said he made a mistake appointing Sessions.

Former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks to reporters during a campaign stop at Sweet Creek restaurant and farmers market on Monday in Montgomery, Ala.

Sessions could lose out on winning back his Senate seat as the president continues to rail against him.

While Shelby relished in bringing as much money back to Alabama as possible, Sessions was a budget hawk who often eschewed the back-slapping, deal-cutting ways of Washington.

Barrow reported from Atlanta.

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