After TikTok, Apple caught LinkedIn spying on iPhone users; practice to end

Yolanda Curtis
July 6, 2020

LinkedIn ideas to stop its application from regularly copying the contents of an iOS device's clipboard, just after a user highlighted the seemingly privacy-invasive practice earlier this 7 days. He further stated that the data is neither stored nor transmitted anywhere. A fix is on the way as well. However, that's exactly what many apps have been doing. iOS 14 is simply exposing a trend that has gone undetected until now. Apple's next major operating system update for iPhone includes a new feature that lets people look at how their data is being accessed, something that's been described as the privacy equivalent of "nutrition labels". Among those is a set of privacy-related controls and notifications, giving you a greater sense of understanding of what's happening with your data.

The actions was identified thanks to a new privacy attribute in iOS 14, which is at the moment in a minimal beta for developers.

Did you enjoy reading this article? Berger wrote that LinkedIn would adhere to up "once the correct is reside in our app". And now, we're starting to see reports of numerous other apps doing the same - checking the contents of your clipboard and seeing everything you copy from one app to another. The latest apps caught snitching were LinkedIn and Reddit, although the companies want to assure users that they're fixing it.

Apparently, the issue is caused by an equality check between the typed content and the clipboard contents. To start, Reddit told The Verge in a statement that it would fix code in its iOS app that copies clipboard data with virtually every keystroke, as co-founder Don Morton found. What's worrying is that LinkedIn was reading the clipboard contents after every keystroke.

When confronted by the issue Erran Berger, VP Engineering of Consumer Products at LinkedIn claimed the issue was a bug. The person who called out this service pointed out that the app on the iPad was copying contents from other sources, such as a notes app. Berger responded that the company would come back with a proper response once the bug is fixed. These heightened security features are Apple trademarks nearly and makes us look forward to the stable version of the iOS 14 even more. This clipboard feature has already exposed the behavior of some well-known applications such as AliExpress, AccuWeather, and TikTok, etc. However, one thing is sure - iOS 14 is moving in the right direction as there's no longer a way for apps to quietly access users' clipboards without the user seeing a banner at the top of their screen.

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