What is known about the German suspect — Madeleine McCann

Carla Harmon
June 5, 2020

"Kate and Gerry do feel it's potentially very significant", Mitchell told BBC radio.

"Of all the thousands of leads and potential suspects that have been mentioned in the past, there has never been something as clear cut as that", Mr Mitchell said. "He is not being named and the police are quite adamant they are not going to do that, certainly not yet, but they want very specific details around his movement in 2007, even down to phone calls he received the night before Madeleine went missing and the fact he changed the registration of his auto the day after".

Despite a thorough search and investigation, police were unable to determine what became of the girl.

Braunschweig state prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters said: "The public prosecutor's office in Braunschweig is investigating a 43-year-old German national on suspicion of murder".

5 year-old girl Inga Gehricke went missing on May 2, 2015.

Re-registered Brueckner was linked to this 1980s Jaguar XJR6
Re-registered Brueckner was linked to this 1980s Jaguar XJR6

Investigations are in the early stages, with prosecutors saying they would check whether there were any indications of a connection between the disappearances.

The suspect has reportedly been sentenced to prison for child sexual abuse on numerous occasions in the past.

That took place in Praia da Luz, only one-and-a-half years before Madeleine went missing in the same resort in 2007.

German media name him as Christian B, 43.

Der Spiegel reported his criminal record contains a total of 17 entries, including a conviction for the sexual abuse of a child in 1994 when he was aged 17, and a 2016 conviction for abusing another child and possession of child pornography.

"Based on information available here, he had several odd jobs in the Lagos area during this time, including one in catering", German police said on Wednesday.

The suspect - who is now imprisoned in that country on unrelated offences - has a number of convictions for child sexual abuse, the statement said.

Wolters wouldn't give any other details of the suspect's identity so as not to jeopardize the ongoing investigation. She was 4 years old at the time, and on the day of her disappearance her parents were outside the home eating with friends at a nearby tapas bar in the Praia da Luz resort. The newspaper, which covered the recent rape trial, said that description and other details match the suspect in that case, who was linked to the 2005 attack recently by DNA. The court didn't answer an email seeking comment or answer its phones.

"They certainly will be encouraged to know the appeal is yielding results already and hopefully within that there will be crucial bits of information the police can act upon".

Police have released photos of two vehicles - the VW camper van and a Jaguar auto - which are believed to be linked to the man, as well as a house in Portugal. The suspect has not been named due to German privacy laws, but is believed to have been in the area where Madeleine McCann disappeared in Portugal 13 years ago.

Portuguese police would not answer questions about whether Brueckner was ever spoken to as part of their initial investigation.

"Of course they want to see the responsible person charged and tried, but from a legal point of view, they understand the crime was committed here in Portugal".

"They still remain hopeful", he added.

FOR 13 long years, they have clung to the desperate hope that their missing daughter Madeleine is still alive.

David Rising reported from Berlin.

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