Videos of NYPD conduct during George Floyd protests under investigation, mayor says

Cheryl Sanders
June 2, 2020

"While we encourage people to protest peacefully and make their voices heard, the safety of the general public is paramount and can not be compromised", said the governor in the statement.

He added: 'Thank God, there was no loss of life, there were no major injuries'.

Shea commented on images of NYPD officers kneeling with and hugging protesters Sunday during a march, tweeting, "We need more of this, to see and hear each other, to work together, to recognize that our differences are our strength".

"Tonight, to protect against violence and property damage, the governor and I have chose to implement a citywide curfew", de Blasio said in a statement.

Video posted on social media showed some protesters arguing with people breaking store windows and urging them to stop, the AP reported, but vandalism and smash-and-grab thefts continued unabated.

On Monday morning, police were visible on some of SoHo's hardest-hit streets as stores boarded up.

Several incidents caught on video showing NYPD officers during recent demonstrations - including one showing an officer who apparently drew his gun amid protesters, a police vehicle moving into a crowd and an officer pushing a woman - are under investigation, according to the mayor of NY.

The mayor said separately that his daughter had told him she was peacefully protesting and believed she was following police orders at the time of her arrest.

He said there had been incidents over the past few days, as the protests intensified, where police officers did not uphold the values of New York City or of the Police Department.

Similar protests have flared up around the nation in response to Floyd's death and other killings of black people, particularly by police. Floyd, who was black, died after a white Minneapolis police officer pressed a knee on his neck.

De Blasio's initial decision to impose a curfew from 11pm drew massive backlash online, with netizens reporting that shops and other properties around the city had been looted and vandalized long before the curfew was supposed to take effect.

In the police report accessed by Daily Mail, it was found that Chiara was among 100 protesters who were arrested following their refusal to disperse and throwing objects at law enforcement officers.

But the police department has come under criticism for confrontations with demonstrators over the weekend. "While we encourage people to protest peacefully and make their voices heard, the safety of the general public is paramount and can not be compromised", Cuomo said. A supervisor ushered the officer away.

Cuomo said Monday he believes some of the actions of the NYPD have exacerbated the anger.

Cuomo also criticized people he characterized as exploiting the protests to get violent and ransack stores. Police union president Patrick Lynch said Cuomo was "wrongly blaming the chaos on the cops".

"I think he's living in an alternative universe at this moment in history", New York City Councilman Donovan Richards, who chairs the Public Safety Committee, told Politico. Click the link to confirm your subscription and begin receiving our newsletters.

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