UAE- Apple set to launch 10.8-inch iPad, 8.5-inch iPad Mini

Yolanda Curtis
June 30, 2020

Apple's also building in support for battery level, so your system can better tell you when you need to recharge. As per the latest, Apple intends to introduce 2 new iPad variants which are a 10.8 inch iPad that is to launch later this year and an 8.5 inch iPad mini which would be launched at the start of the next year.

That high price of a simple accessory, which it is barely 40 euros from an iPad with a 10.2-inch screen, it will have to accommodate the segment in which the new tablet is located if those from Cupertino really want some user to consider using it as their laptop. But Apple will probably skip the 120Hz display. Moving to 10.8 inches would make the display on the entry-level iPad nearly as big as the one on the base iPad Pro (11 inches).

The investor doesn't elaborate on the rumored new 10.8-inch model, and it is unclear if that will be a new version of the existing 10.2-inch iPad or the 10.5-inch iPad Air. The current model, which was released early previous year, has a 7.9-inch display.

Kuo says the smaller 8.5-inch iPad will replace 2019's iPad Mini.

Either way, we should find out later this year, as that's when this anticipated Apple tablet is rumored to launch, but before then stay tuned to TechRadar for all the latest news and rumors.

In general, I agree with the mindset that bigger means better, at least when it comes to screen size. It's both an overdue addition that could make Apple Arcade games a bit more capable and help Apple's overall renewed push for more gaming on its devices. The iPad Pro is the most capable but it's very expensive and few people would benefit from its powerful components. Then there is the entry-level iPad and iPad mini, which are affordable but are dwarfed by the iPad Pro.

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