Twitter puts 'public interest notice' on Trump tweet threatening protesters

Cheryl Sanders
June 29, 2020

Pressed on whether he was joking when he said at a campaign rally this weekend that he asked officials to slow down coronavirus testing, President Trump told reporters on Tuesday: "I don't kid".

On Tuesday, Twitter hid a tweet from President Donald Trump in which he threatened to use "serious force" against protestors in the U.S. capital, saying it broke rules over abusive content. "If they try they will be met with serious force!" the president said in his tweet.

Trump's tweet referred to the police-free district created by protesters in Seattle, in Washington state, two weeks ago, which has sparked outrage among conservatives. Nearby barricades were also spray-painted with the phrases "BHAZ", "BLM", and "F- the police".

Twitter puts warning on Trump

"We've placed a public interest notice on this Tweet for violating our policy against abusive behavior, specifically, the presence of a threat of harm against an identifiable group", the Twitter notice reads. The corporation claimed that it will enable the tweet to continue being up, however has limited the capacity of customers to interact with it, like likes, replies and retweets devoid of remark. Following law enforcement deserted a station in the Capitol Hill community, Seattle demonstrators moved into the location declaring it an "autonomous zone".

Twitter took its newest motion on information from President Trump Tuesday, once again hiding a risk of condition violence powering a warning label and appending it with a observe.

In a Monday evening tweet, Trump also denounced vandals who removed a statue of former President Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Park, telling them to "beware" of prosecution and an up to 10-year in prison sentence under the Veteran's Memorial Preservation Act.

Twitter placed a "public interest notice" on another tweet of the President a few days later, where he said, "when the looting starts, the shooting starts".

Trump later posted his tweet on Facebook.

Today's tweet is the newest in what could turn into several illustrations of Twitter implementing its system policies in opposition to the president.

Twitter hit back at President Donald Trump yesterday by hiding one of his tweets behind a warning label.

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