There's mounting evidence that iPhone 12 won't launch in September

Yolanda Curtis
June 6, 2020

According to Bloomberg, this bit of news comes from the CEO of Broadcom; the latter is a company that supplies Apple with chips for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity along with Radio-Frequency (RF) chips that connect the iPhone to cellular networks.

The iPhone 12 is expected to be Apple's first 5G iPhone, coming after several Android rivals like Samsung and Huawei have already been selling 5G-enabled devices.

iPhone 12 Launch Faces Possible Delay To Q4 2020

However, it has broken with this pattern in the past, revealing its 2017 iPhone X in September but not putting it on sale until November.

Tan said there will be a "major product cycle delay" from a "large North American mobile phone" customer.

Without expressly naming Apple, Broadcom CEO Hock Tan all but said that Apple's iPhone 12 release will be delayed this year. For instance, the company got a $15 billion order from Cupertino in January this year.

'We're designing, obviously, [wireless chips] in those big flagship phones in our large North American phone maker, ' Tan told analysts during Thursday's earnings call. In other words, Broadcom is trying to warn investors that the traditional uptick in revenue in Q3 will likely be pushed back to Q4 2020. However, he also states that "nothing has changed in terms of designs, nothing has changed in terms of the content". Perhaps, we're not looking into a new design language, after all.

The company has been sticking with the September launch schedule for quite some years. Nikkei Asian Review reported in late March that Apple had discussed holding the launch of the iPhone 12 over concerns about weak demand and supply chain issues, both stemming from the virus. Apple might reveal them in September, but the new devices will reach the market early in September. As a quick example, the stringent travel restrictions involving China prevented Apple engineers from traveling to the country and inspecting iPhone 12 prototypes.

Tan's expectations that the iPhone 12 will be delayed (or at least one variant of the iPhone 12) generally falls in line with a recent report from DigiTimes claiming that volume production of the mainstream 6.1-inch iPhone 12 isn't expected to start until sometime in July or August - later than Apple's typical production timeline.

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