"Safe" Countries Will Be Able to Travel to Europe from July 1

Cheryl Sanders
June 30, 2020

European Union has revealed the new list of countries that will be permitted to enter the EU from July 1, when the external borders are officially scheduled to be reopened, but the U.S. is excluded due to the Coronavirus developments.

Non-essential travel to the European Union has been blocked since mid-March.

Whatever is decided in Brussels will exist only as a recommendation since border control remains a national competence and a limited number of flights to and from banned countries have continued throughout the crisis.

The news outlet reported that ambassadors from the 27 European Union members convened from Friday afternoon to establish criteria for granting quarantine-free access from next Wednesday.

The EU cannot agree on a list of "safe countries" from where travellers could visit Europe in July, with some member states requiring more time to decide, diplomats said Saturday (27 June).

Others listed are China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Dominica, Egypt, Ethiopia, Georgia, Guyana, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Lebanon and Mauritius.

The vote is aimed at supporting the European Union travel industry and tourist destinations, particularly countries in southern Europe hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are two lists, one for those that will be accepted, and one for those who will not.

As had been widely expected, the United States - where the coronavirus is now resurging - will not be on that list.

The decision is based on whether a country has a similar or better epidemiological situation than Europe, as well as comparable hygiene and containment measures.

The EU will continue to ban travellers from the USA and most other countries beyond July 1, EU diplomats told German news agency dpa.

The EU diplomats confirmed that an official agreement on the criteria - likely to include a limit on the infection rate per 100,000 citizens - is expected late on Monday or early Tuesday.

A qualified majority of EU countries - at least 55% of the EU countries, representing 65% of the EU population - have signed off on list.

So far, Kenya has recorded 6,366 cases with 148 deaths.

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