Rob Gronkowski Loses The WWE Title

Ross Houston
June 2, 2020

After all, that is how he came to win the belt in the first place when he procured it under the guise of being a guest host for WWE WrestleMania 36.

This week on WWE RAW, WWE 24/67 Rob Gronkowski was planning on filming a TikTok dance when R-Truth rolled him up in his yard.

Rob Gronkowski is officially done with WWE. While Gronkowski could likely make some appearances for the company, he will not be wrestling for them in the near future.

Gronkowski has stated in the past that he would like to have "one insane match" in WWE.

However, he was reportedly very nervous about doing that, which actually led to Vince McMahon himself coming out to do the spot in order to reassure him.

Suddenly, Goon unzipped his shirt - revealing an official WWE referee uniform - and R-Truth came firing in for a surprise pin. This comes after Gronk announced back in April that he would be returning to the National Football League for the 2020 season and was traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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