Leading climate scientist criticises UK over its record

Pablo Tucker
June 27, 2020

The report also calls for the government to "build on the Clean Maritime Plan to develop incentives for zero-carbon ammonia and hydrogen supply chains for United Kingdom shipping".

The committee is also criticised - from the opposite route - by the authors of a report in the journal Local weather Coverage.

The CCC key findings included strengthening energy networks with offshore wind expected to play a major role. The CCC is clear about the huge opportunities right across the renewable energy sector and if we can invest early in emerging technologies like floating offshore wind and renewable hydrogen, the United Kingdom can build world-leading industries.

Ed Miliband, Labour's shadow business secretary, said: "This report serves as a stark reminder of the gap between rhetoric and reality when it comes to the government's progress on achieving the net-zero emissions target enshrined in law this past year".

"The Committee is right to warn that progress in Scotland is over-reliant on the electricity sector..."

A report from the green feel-tank ECIU stated investing in lower-carbon employment can help to "level up" the British isles to profit the so-named "Red Wall" constituencies that proved pivotal in the 2019 Basic Election. "The UK has the potential to become a world leader in this technology, bringing thousands of jobs and significant investment and playing a key part in enabling the green recovery from Covid-19".

"We welcome the Committee's recognition of the valuable contribution that onshore renewables can make to a green recovery; driving decarbonisation, deploying high quality jobs, and delivering significant economic growth" added Chris Hewett, Chief Executive of the Solar Trade Association (STA).

Adair Turner, senior fellow at the Institute for New Economic Thinking and former chairman of the Financial Services Authority, said: "The Committee is absolutely right to stress the huge opportunity for policies which both drive economic recovery and accelerate progress towards a zero-carbon economy. The UK needs a National Hydrogen Strategy by the end of the year to ensure a hydrogen economy can develop".

If the United Kingdom is to reduce its Carbon dioxide output to "net zero", a total end to the installation of new fossil-fuelled boilers in any home should be brought in by 2035, a report warned.

"As well as tackling one of the trickier sectors to decarbonise, making homes energy efficient and lowering energy bills at the same time can also unlock well-paid, skilled jobs right across the country". Road transport is still the largest emitting sector, so this is a priority area to make changes. "We want to make people today who pick out the correct way to do so less expensive than those who pick out the mistaken way". "Now we can travel again it's up to the government to keep pollution down by giving people better choices to walk, cycle and take public transport when it's safe to do so. It can also stop squandering tens of billions of pounds on new roads".

He said: "This vital new report provides an urgent reminder that individuals need to do more to can get on track to achieve net-zero emissions".

To speed up action, the government should use the coronavirus crisis - including fresh public concern about unexpected risks and willingness to change behavior - to push ahead on new climate-smart policies, the report said.

For the first time the Committee has set out its recommendations government department by government department.

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