Google Phone receives Verified Calls feature, tells why a business is calling

Yolanda Curtis
June 30, 2020

Google prepares "Verified calls" for your phone app, a way to avoid unwanted communications by verifying your identity with the business and the reasons for making the call.

Google has offered various services for call screening and caller identification for a number of years.

The system relies on companies providing information when a call is placed that, via a Google server, is then pushed to your Google phone app on your Android device. The support page also informs us that Verified Calls will be turned on by default.

However, this Program of Google's Phone app is still in its early stages and Google is yet to clarify which business companies will be availing the program at the moment and how many companies have enrolled so far.

According to the statements made by Google, the Google Phone app now has a feature called "Verified Calls". Google's support site explains that you'll see the business logo and name along with a call reason, "like "Scheduling your internet installation" or 'Your food delivery.'" Suddenly, picking up that unknown number isn't as nerve-wracking. You will also need to have your phone number added to your Google account for the feature to work. This feature shows why Google-approved companies are looking for users. From the settings menu, open the caller ID and spam section. You can do this by going to

There is a good chance that we don't always save phone numbers of our banks and other companies on our phones. Google says the function doesn't "collect or save any personal info after verification", though, that the company deletes your phone number and the call excuse from the Verified Calls server minutes after confirmation. Google has not however formally announced Verified Calls.

Sadly, however, the Google Phone app isn't compatible with most Android phones.

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