Fauci warns US could see 100,000 new coronavirus cases per day

Henrietta Brewer
June 30, 2020

When it comes to a vaccine, Dr. Fauci said many manufacturers are already creating doses even without the vaccine being proven effective.

Fauci explained that no vaccine in human history has ever had 100% effectivity rate, which means it prevents everyone who receives the vaccine from catching the disease it's created to protect against.

But asked about polling that said around a third of Americans would not get a coronavirus vaccine when one is developed, Dr Fauci said that such a high level of refusal would mean it was "unlikely" the vaccine would get the U.S. to herd immunity level.

But when asked by CNN senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen whether the US can get to herd immunity if 25% of the population refuses to get a coronavirus vaccine with that rate of effectiveness, Fauci said, "No, unlikely". Even though 25% to 30% of people who got the vaccine would still be able to be infected by COVID-19, a 70% to 75% effectivity rate would be enough to produce herd immunity in most locales.

In May only half of Americans said they would get one if it becomes available, while a Washington Post survey showed 27% would likely refuse a vaccine.

"There is a general anti-science, anti-authority, anti-vaccine feeling among some people in this country - an alarmingly large percentage of people, relatively speaking", Fauci told CNN in an interview. There's no indication that such a program is underway in the government at this time.

"If you go into the community and call up and say: 'How's the contact tracing going?' The dots are not connected because a lot of it is done by phone".

Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, noted that incomplete protection and the fact that many people say they will skip the vaccine make it "unlikely" that the nation will achieve sufficient immunity to stop the outbreak. "They really need to see people that they can relate to in the community - sports figures, community heroes, people that they look up to".

"It won't be easy", said Fauci, a member of the White House task force on the pandemic.

Fauci said in states where you can see people congregating closely without using masks, "that's a recipe for disaster". He explained again that contact tracing is also hindered by asymptomatic people.

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