Facebook Yanks Donald Trump’s George Floyd Video After Copyright Notice, Following Twitter

Andrew Cummings
June 7, 2020

Trump has more consistently gone after Twitter in recent days as more of his material has been flagged. "We're going to have the strongest economy in the world", he added.

Later in the day, Trump traveled to ME, where he toured a lobster fishery and a medical supply plant that has been refitted to produce swabs for coronavirus tests.

Floyd's death last week after a fatal encounter with a police officer has led to nationwide protests. Trump's disapproval rating at its lowest in more than six months.

Trump waved dismissively and said only, "You are something".

"We did it in Minnesota", Trump said.

"We're speaking of a man who was brutally killed by an act of needless violence and by a larger tide of injustice that has metastasized on this president's watch", Biden said. This week, for the first time, major betting markets rated Biden the favourite in November.

President Trump touts surprise job gains and calls on states to end coronavirus lockdowns during a news conference.

United States President Donald Trump on Friday celebrated a stunning employment report that showed more than 2.5 million jobs were added last month during the thick of the coronavirus pandemic, and predicted the battered economy will recover all of its lost jobs by next year.

Economists had expected the unemployment rate to be even worse in May, rising to almost 20%.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average quickly jumped by 1000 points in response to the news. "This is great day for everybody".

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has responded to accusations made by US President Donald Trump of one-sided censorship and illegally removing a George Floyd-related Trump campaign video from the social media platform.

"We all saw what happened last week".

Upon receiving such surprisingly good figures, a more conventional president would have welcomed them while expressing empathy for the tens of millions who still out of work.

The jobless rate, at 13.3%, is still on par with what the nation witnessed during the Great Depression.

But not Trump, who launched into a gleeful and circuitous hour-long monologue that flitted from the economy to his border wall to his trade stoush with China.

Now, though, Trump said states and cities should be lifting remaining restrictions.

The president also did not answer questions about Asian American and African American unemployment, which was less robust than other minority groups.

At one point Trump mused about buying a trailer and driving to NY in it with wife Melania. "Censoring out the president's important message of unity around the George Floyd protests is an unfortunate escalation of this double standard".

"Hopefully George is looking down right now and saying this is a great thing that's happening for our country", Trump declared in the Rose Garden at the White House.

Mr. Trump's activity on Twitter diminished during the afternoon, albeit not without him continuing to make news throughout the day as a result of his posts on the platform. "It's a great day for everybody".

Biden, who has now formally clinched the Democratic presidential nomination, said the remark was "despicable".

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