Facebook rolls out dark mode for mobile users

Yolanda Curtis
June 30, 2020

Facebook has started rolling out Dark Mode support on mobile users and the feature is now live with some users globally.

In February, the company rolled out the dark mode setting for the Facebook Lite app, however, the main Facebook app still hadn't received this option. And it looks great, and should please those of you who haven't already sworn off the problematic social network.

There is no word on the official rollout date for the dark mode support on Facebook, however, it is expected to happen soon.

Open the Facebook app on an iOS device. Facebook is one of these companies that is slowly converting its social media/messenger portfolio to comply with recent dark mode guidelines.

Scroll down and tap "Privacy and Settings".

Back in the past year, Facebook rolled out a Dark Mode for Messenger. Facebook says "only a small percentage" of iOS users have the feature right now. It's unclear if the new dark mode setting is only rolling out to specific devices and iOS versions. On phones using an AMOLED display, it can save battery life since OLED panels create the color black by turning off pixels in the appropriate area.

If the Dark Mode is available you will be able to turn it from the app menu. The request for Dark Mode through Facebook's portfolio of apps is a recurring theme. A Twitter user shared the screenshots of the Facebook application running on the dark theme with a switch to enable or disable the Dark Mode under the app menu. You can check the source link for the latest update for the App.

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