Desi TikTok-rival app Mitron ‘disappears’ from Google Play store

Yolanda Curtis
June 2, 2020

Named "Remove China Apps", the app is now leading the chart of the top free app and the top trending app on Google app store. It adds, apps that crash, exhibit other behaviour that is not consistent with a functional user experience, or that serve only to spam users or Google Play Store are not apps that expand the catalog in a meaningful way. The Android app purportedly identifies all the apps on a smartphone that are made by Chinese companies and lets users uninstall them. Hailed as India's answer to TikTok, the app clocked over five million downloads in less than a month. Baijing, or Beluga Whale, a popular online community for China's app exporters, wrote (in Chinese) that Remove China Apps is "a form of market disruption" and called on Chinese developers to report the app to Google.

The app is straightforward to use: Click scan and it will either congratulates one on having no Chinese apps or displays a list of those that are determined to be of Chinese origin - like TikTok.

Irfan Sheikh of Qboxus from Lahore confirmed to that Agarwal did reach out to the company buy the source code of TicTic and launch as Mitron in India. It just depends on the developer and what he is trying to achieve.

Even with the internet turned off, the application can detect some of the apps made by Chinese developers. Does the fact that its founder Eric Yuan, an American citizen born in China, makes Zoom a "China app"?

All we can say for sure is that not all Chinese apps are bad (or spying on you) and not all Indian apps are good. It can not identify pre-installed Chinese apps on any smartphone. However, chances are strong that the app has been taken down due to the security issues that and other media houses reported earlier this week.

If you're found to not have any Chinese apps at all, you'll be greeted with a message saying, "Congratulation [s]". The development came amid escalating border tensions between New Delhi and Beijing that has resulted in the rise of anti-China sentiment amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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