China state media: George Floyd protests in U.S

Andrew Cummings
June 1, 2020

The State Department outraged Chinese leaders last week by declaring that USA leaders officially assess that Hong Kong no longer enjoys the legal and economic freedom the Chinese government promised it would tolerate when Great Britain gave the territory back to Beijing back in 1997.

Beijing has always been infuriated by criticism from Western capitals, especially Washington, over its handling of the pro-democracy protests that shook Hong Kong past year.

"Chinese netizens' feelings are direct reaction to the US' mistaken polices toward China".

"I want to ask Speaker Pelosi and Secretary Pompeo: Should Beijing support protests in the USA, like you glorified rioters in Hong Kong?" he asked in one message, addressing U.S. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Secretary of State Michael Pompeo.

In a series of tweets, Hu Xijin, the editor of the Global Times, ridiculed Trump and other senior US politicians for previously encouraging the protests in Hong Kong.

It was "as if the radical rioters in Hong Kong somehow snuck into the United States and created a mess like they did last year", he added.

As of February, police have fired 16,191 tear gas rounds, 10,100 rubber bullets, 2,033 bean bag rounds, and used 1,491 bottles of pepper spray, to disperse protesters, according to a report by the city's police watchdog.

He also tweeted, a question for "violent protesters in Hong Kong and their supporters there, ' asking 'Would you stand with angry Minneapolis demonstrators who attacked police station, or would you stand with President Trump who threatens to shoot 'These THUGS"?

China's leaders recently moved to impose sweeping new national security legislation on the Asian financial hub following months of violent pro-democracy protests previous year.

Last Thursday, China's rubber-stamped legislature, the communist party's National People's Congress (NPC), adopted a national security law for Hong Kong that is to grant Beijing's security apparatus the ability to operate in the Chinese-ruled city.

In a sign of diplomatic maneuvering, the USA government said it would put one of its prime properties in Hong Kong up for sale - a luxury residential complex worth up to HK$5 billion (US$645.09 million).

Tweets from Hua Chunying, a foreign ministry spokesperson, came as the USA struggles with nationwide riots that have erupted in response to George Floyd's death in Minneapolis.

'Better give up that dream and come back to reality, ' it said.

'Violence is spreading across the US.

"U.S. politicians call riots in other countries 'a lovely sight, ' they ignite flames everywhere and wish the world to be in chaos", state broadcaster CCTV said separately in a commentary Saturday.

After condemning China for over a year for purportedly oppressing the human rights of Hong Kong residents, the U.S. itself has been accused of engaging in heavy-handed tactics in response to the demonstrations taking place in its own cities.

Foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying also took aim at Washington.

"The current situation reflects once more the severity of the problems of racism and police violence in the United States".

Police in Hong Kong have been accused by rights groups of using excessive force during pro-democracy protests past year.

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