Call of Duty: Warzone finally has the mode everyone’s been asking for

Yolanda Curtis
June 1, 2020

Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone is heading into Season Four next week, a new season that will advance the story just a bit further, bringing Captain Price into Verdansk as a playable Operator, but ahead of that big update on June 3rd, Infinity Ward issued a new Warzone playlist update for the last days of Season Three.

"Duos is here for Warzone's Battle Royale!" This is the first time a duos option has been available for the battle royale mode since Warzone's release in March.

Warzone players have been asking for duos mode for months, but whenever it came up in interviews or other discussions, Infinity Ward generally maintained that it was investigating the best way to offer and structure playlists while accommodating all players. It's you and your duo against the world, as you gather loot, complete Contracts, and slay the competition while you avoid the circle collapse that is about to engulf Verdansk.

The other good news is that it looks like the mode could be sticking around for a while as Infinity Ward hasn't given an indication of when, or if, it'll be disappearing. In Duos, they'll only have one.

If your duo goes down, you can revive them before they bleed out and lose their loadout.

While the mechanics of Warzone may not be very different in Warzone, the game's meta could well shift considerably. "Assault rifle-sniper builds are great, but if neither of you has an answer for vehicles or a close-range battle with a shotgun, you may be in trouble", the post says.

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