'Big-budget' Harry Potter activity could appear in 2021

Carla Harmon
June 29, 2020

This report describes the untitled Harry Potter game as featuring an expansive, open world replica of Hogwarts, the school from the book series, where you can "role-play" as a wizard. The site Bloomberg reveals today new details: two people who now work in this project confirm that the information is real. Interactive Entertainment's open-world Harry Potter RPG has stayed out of sight. According to Bloomberg, two people that are working on the Harry Potter project have confirmed that the game is in development, and it's being created by Avalanche Software - which is owned by Warner Bros. The Bloomberg report mentions PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, but does not indicate whether there are plans to release the game on PC (although we would cautiously assume a PC launch would be planned as well). But she refuses, however, "most of the rumors" that have come out since then.

Moreover, this dark matter of transphobia has had a great impact on the industry of the Warner Bros...

The capture of the famous video leakée 2018
The capture of the famous video leakée 2018

Footage from the new Harry Potter game first leaked in October 2018.

Bloomberg claimed that Avalanche Computer software administration has not addressed Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling's the latest transphobic statements, which reportedly "made some associates of the crew unpleasant".

Still, the backlash could potentially affect when Warner Bros. reveals the new Harry Potter game. In addition to developer morale, there are internal concerns over Rowling's commentary possibly affecting the sales of the game.

Despite being on track for its release, there's said to be "anxiety" at the studio. According to the report, it will be announced at a later date after the DC Fandome event in August, during which the next Batman game will be revealed.

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