Beware, this wallpaper bug ends up crashing Android phones

Yolanda Curtis
June 3, 2020

Samsung is preparing a fix for the problem that should save its smartphones from the issue, while Google is believed to be working on a similar fix for the open-source Android operating system.

Ice Universe tweeted that when the image was uploaded to Weibo, the service altered the colors slightly, which then seemed to prevent the image from crashing a phone when used as a wallpaper.

Solution #1: If your phone will boot into safe mode, you may have just enough time to set the wallpaper back to something normal and safe.

Most users who tried to play with the image ended up formatting their phones, ie, restoring it to factory settings, which could put all your data in jeopardy, especially in the absence of backups.

So what's causing all this?

While this particular wallpaper is easily recognizable, making it simple to avoid, other images could be similarly modified to present this issue.

The problem is said to be so severe that the bug will reportedly make the phone unusable as the screen will turn on and off continuously.

Further testing from multiple sources, including a report from 9to5Google, reveal that only devices running Android 10 or older (which is admittedly most Android devices now on the market) are affected. Setting a certain image as your phone's wallpaper could cause it to keep crashing and freezing. 9to5Google tested it out on their Pixel 2 and it crashed it - we tested it on our OnePlus 7 Pro and it did NOT crash it but as we said before DO NOT TRY THIS FOR YOURSELF IF YOU LIKE THAT PHONE.

It is not unusual for seemingly innocuous content to lock phones.

Over the years, we've seen some interesting and weird bugs that can cause your phone to be bricked or sent into a bootloop. According to Roussel, the image uses the RGB color space, while many Android phones prefer SRGB. Only Android 11 phones are compatible with the color space of this photo.

At this point, it all seems to be related to the color profile that the image uses and which Android fails to read correctly, eventually experiencing a fatal crash and causing the device to reboot. The tipster warned users to not apply the wallpaper as it would crash their devices. This bug has been reported to the AOSP platform and the patch may be on the way for all the Android smartphones.

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