Authorities report 447 aftershocks following 7.5 degree quake that shook Mexican states

Pablo Tucker
June 27, 2020

On Tuesday, the Secretariat of the Navy issued three bulletins on anomalous variations in sea level of up to 113 centimeters above tide level in the region where the quake was generated. The state of Oaxaca was central to the quake with sustained damage in many areas. "At the moment, we have no preliminary reports of any damage".

The death toll from Mexico's 7.5-magnitude natural disaster Tuesday rose to seven, and about 2,000 homes were damaged, local authorities said on Wednesday. But given its size, many in the country expressed relief that the damage wasn't more severe. A 1985 quake killed 10,000 people.

A magnitude 7.5 tremor struck on Tuesday morning, with Mexico's National Seismological Service rating its strength at 7.1 before upgrading the intensity to 7.5. Experts said that its location off the coast helps explain the relatively limited damage. There had been more than 140 aftershocks, a lot of them small.

Mexico's President Andrés Manuel López Obrador estimated that by Tuesday evening, there had been 147 aftershocks. The national civil protection authority, in turn, said more than 30 had been injured.

The tremor could be felt as far away as Mexico City. Some of the city's high-rises swayed and residents posted videos of gaps in pavement opening and closing.

Situated at the intersection of three tectonic plates, Mexico is one of the world's most earthquake-prone countries. Mexican newspaper El Universal reported that in some cases, patients had to be temporarily evacuated.

State-owned oil company Petroleos Mexicanos shut production at its 330,000 barrels-per-day Salina Cruz refinery in Oaxaca after a fire. One of the victims was a male employee of the state oil corporation Pemex, who fell from a structure for the duration of the quake and died from his accidents in the hospital.

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