28 members of the same family became infected with the coronavirus

Henrietta Brewer
June 30, 2020

"I want people to understand that the coronavirus is a real threat", he concluded.

Soon after, his 60-year-old father, Vidal Garay, also caught the disease - and his condition deteriorated rapidly.

"I don't want my father's death to be in vain", he said. If his story can save a everyday living, it truly is worthy of telling his story.

The man knows exactly how he and all other members of his family became infected.

"We were also reduced at first because we went for it together", the son said.

Then things went downhill. They started with a fever that had progressively worsened, with both having trouble breathing and eating, Garay said. "I couldn't eat. We didn't have an appetite", Garay said. His father had a scarce type of anemia not linked to the virus, and began obtaining issues getting his treatment.

"I also struggled to drink his medication". "I would force myself to try to eat a tablespoon of soup and I would try to force my father to eat it".

During their forties together to pass the time, they discussed dying and what they wanted their funeral to do, Garay said.

A few days in quarantine, the younger Garay called 911 after waking up inspired by the air.

"It was painful to see my father's health decline so dramatically in front of me", Garay told the media. Ahead of the paramedics took him to the clinic, his father sat up and asked if he was Okay, he mentioned. "That was the last thing I told my father, and the last thing my dad saw was his son suffocating". In the meantime, his son was at a independent healthcare facility battling for his daily life and on oxygen most of the time - but not on a ventilator. The day he died, his mom frequented the hospital and observed him by way of a window, Garay reported.

Garay didn't know how family members got coronavirus - there was no party and there was no big meeting.

It is unclear how so many people in the family were infected, but Garay believes it could have been from a relative he visited in mid-May or from his mother's caretaker, according to CBSLA.

Relatives are recovering and planning the funeral of their father, and he set it up GoFundMe accounts for assistance in connection with various expenses incurred due to illness and on memorial-waiting.

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