Vivo Teases Smartphone with Super-Stable 'Micro-Cloud Gimbal Camera'

Yolanda Curtis
May 25, 2020

Given the better main sensor stabilization, overall the light sensitivity has increased 39%-220%, depending on how steady you have to hold the phone, i.e. the increase is larger in night shots when your camera has to be extremely steady for a decent picture.

Vivo is launching its new Vivo X50 smartphone on 1st June in China and the company has already confirmed that the device will feature micro gimbal camera for the primary sensor that aims to offer improved optical stabilisation. Of course, availability, pricing, and real-world camera performance will decide if the phone will put Vivo back on the global map. The module apparently costs twice to three times as much as conventional ones, and it also takes up much more space to accommodate the suspension parts. The Product Manager of Vivo shared the post on his Weibo profile and revealed that the Vivo X50 Pro is the thinnest 5G phone with a thickness of just 7.4xmm. Vivo earlier this week revealed that the phone also has a sibling, namely Vivo X50 Pro.

Today, Digital Chat Station posted another video showing the rear design and the camera setup of X50 Pro.

The main benefit of this micro gimbal camera is obviously the more powerful optical stabilization, especially when shooting videos in low-light conditions - the combination of the dual-axis micro gimbal and 3-axis electronic stabilization vastly reduces shakiness.

This is what makes Vivo's claims nearly too good to be true. However, it will be making its debut commercially with the Vivo X50.

The gimbal suspension will be useful in freezing moving objects for flawless shots without edge blurring, too, so, overall, color us excited to take this baby for a spin when it is launched globally.

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