Twitter CEO: We'll Continue to Fact-Check Trump's Misleading Tweets on Voting

Cheryl Sanders
May 29, 2020

Anti-Trump tweets by Yoel Roth, Twitter's Head of Site Integrity since July 2018, are just the latest example of the extreme leftward slant and double standards held by those at the helm of Silicon Valley social media giants. In the tweet, Trump claimed, "There is NO WAY (ZERO!) that Mail-In Ballots will be anything less than substantially fraudulent".

On Tuesday, Trump tweeted a flurry of accusations, including falsely claiming that California was sending ballots to undocumented immigrants and was prepared to let "anyone", regardless of residency, vote by mail.

The order also directs the White House Office of Digital Strategy to redouble its efforts to collect complaints of online censorship and submit them to the Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department.

After being fact-checked by Twitter President Trump has gone on the rampage against social media companies- Executive Order draft reveals Trump's plan for revenge against Twitter and other platforms
After being fact-checked by Twitter President Trump has gone on the rampage against social media companies

"Due to COVID happening, the Secretary of State felt that all of the voters who are not on the permanent list should get an absentee ballot application by mail, and then use it if they so wish", said Jennifer Kelly, Houghton County Clerk/Register of Deeds.

Trump's executive order seeking to crack down on social media companies over allegations of political bias specifically calls out his personal feud with Twitter. This will be a Rigged Election. However, fact-checkers say there is no evidence that mail-in ballots are linked to voter fraud. In fact, only registered voters will receive ballots.

He tweets that Twitter is "now interfering in the 2020 Presidential Election" and that "Twitter is completely stifling FREE SPEECH". "The effect of the fact tags in this heated partisan environment might be limited".

Trump added that he's unsure how he would shut down Twitter, saying that he would need to speak to a legal team.

This move by Twitter has naturally sparked another pair of angry tweets by Trump.

Scarborough was once friendly with Trump but has become a fierce on-air critic of the president.

For all of the vitriol that has been leveled at Roth, he's not a member of Twitter's top brass, and the social media company has defended him while pushing back on the false notion that he's in charge of their fact-checking.

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