This Google app will help you stay safe from the coronavirus

Yolanda Curtis
May 29, 2020

Similar to other AR apps, when you launch Sodar, it first takes stock of your surroundings and scans the environment to look for a flat surface where it can project the boundary. The only way to reduce transmissibility is to keep your distance from others, wear face masks, and wash your hands often. These activities should be priorities to anyone until we have drugs available to beat this thing.

Dark mode for Search in Chrome's Android-based app is still in the development phase. The tool uses WebXR to create a six-foot or two-metre radius ring around you using your phone screen.

For now, the tool is only available for Android phones and requires the Chrome browser to operate.

Now, it's important to note that by default, the Google app adopts the system theme, meaning if you have enabled the system-wide dark theme in your phone settings, the same will reflect in Google Search. Not to mention that it hinders the use of the phone for other purposes.

Image Source: Google Coronavirus social distancing AR app: Google Sodar in action. The six foot rule can not be enforced at all times.

However, the concept is interesting and could be used for future social distancing applications that could be run with AR glasses at some point in the coming years.

There's no denying that COVID-19 has fundamentally changed how we go about our daily lives.

We're probably all familiar with the six-foot/two-meter social distancing guidelines being promoted these days, but not everyone can easily visualize what that sort of space means.

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