The next Borderlands 3 DLC is the Western-themed Bounty of Blood

Yolanda Curtis
May 24, 2020

Gearbox Software's latest Borderlands Show was packed with teasers and reveals, not least of which being info on Borderlands 3's next DLC expansion Bounty of Blood and its next Takedown event.

As with the previous two campaign add-ons, "Moxxi's Heist of The Handsome Jackpot" and "Guns, Love, and Tentacles: The Marriage of Wainwright & Hammerlock", "Bounty of Blood" will feature an all-new setting for all manner of shooting-and-looting mayhem. Check out IGN's review of Borderlands 3 here. First, Takedown at the Guardian Breach - a new endgame gauntlet created to put your skills and gear to the ultimate test - arrives as a free addition to the base game on June 4.

New enemies, low-gravity platforming sections, and environmental puzzles await you on Minos Prime. That kicks off June 4, and like Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite, it's a new light raid-style endgame activity designed for skilled teams of four. Upon arrival, you'll be besieged by a sect of rogue Guardians who have split off from their brethren and have irrevocably transformed Minos Prime.

New game mechanics are debuting in Bounty of Blood, as well. But rest assured, it will scale to the number of people in your party. Gearbox promises new characters, including a mysterious invisible narrator and a warrior named Rose, equipped with katana and pistols, along with game additions.

These thugs have been terrorizing the dusty city of Vestige and players can help its inhabitants restore their former glory as far as it goes, completing story missions and crew challenges. As with other Borderlands vehicles, you'll be able to customise the Jetbeast with an assortment of weapons, and these include dual machine guns and, somehow, mortars. Should you survive, you'll be rewarded for your heroic efforts with a host of new item drops, including themed weapons, gear, and collectible cosmetics. There are also new interactable objects that add new combat and exploration skills as well as western-themed loot to earn. And there's the Traitorweed, which turns enemies into temporary allies - kind of a "charm" spell in exploding plant form, it sounds like. There will also be plenty of loot to find/pry from the fingers of dead bountyheads, much of it with a Western theme.

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