Samsung Health Monitor App Electrocardiogram (ECG) Function Cleared by MFDS

Yolanda Curtis
May 26, 2020

In other words, we still have no idea when the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 might get the ECG feature stateside. or in any other market apart from South Korea for that matter.

Samsung has announced that it is bringing an ECG function to its Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, the company has revealed that its electrocardiogram monitoring has been cleared by South Korea's Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Thankfully, it appears that the feature will soon be activated for users to enjoy. The new health tracking app utilizes the sensor technology of Samsung's Galaxy Watch Active 2 to measure and display atrial fibrillation by analyzing the electrical signals of the heart.

The Watch Active2 includes an electrocardiography (ECG) sensor for measuring the rhythm of the heart, and now the feature has been approved to go live - though only in South Korea, for now.

"This marks just one way in which Samsung is pioneering to give everyone a simple, convenient and informed picture of their overall health and wellness", said Jay Yang. This means that eventually, the device can be used to monitor hypertension and AFib, both of which are known as the leading causes of stroke.

The Apple watch is created to track ECG and to alert users when they exhibit a low heart rate or irregular heart rhythms.

The Galaxy Watch Active2's sensors can also monitor blood pressure at the same time. Users will be able to gain some insight into their health using the ECG result and the BP measurement.

Many users who purchased the otherwise great device anticipating the ECG rollout by the end of March understandably felt cheated, but for what it's worth, Samsung is inching closer to delivering on its promise. several months late. Regulatory approvals, however, will determine where the app will be available when launched, XDA Developers noted.

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