Ps 5 (ps5) titles to be introduced in sony company technique meeting

Yolanda Curtis
May 23, 2020

Via Jeff Grubb of Venturebeat, there will be a Sony event happening sometime in early June. He said, " Games for the PS5 that deliver this new gaming experience are being made by both 1st and 3rd party developers and we plan to deliver a compelling lineup of titles soon". What can we expect to see from the June event? Grubb stated that the aforementioned event was set to take place on June 4th, but it's being moved around. In this event, Sony Interactive Entertainment will share both first and third party games for PlayStation 5.

Rumors suggest Sony will host a next-gen event early next month to showcase upcoming PlayStation 5 games.

Well, it seems that we could be getting game announcements soon, as this week during an earnings call.

KitGuru says: Are you excited for the PlayStation 5? "If you're on an English console, [you shouldn't] be taking space for French or Spanish audio files, things like that". Especially after Epic Games previewed a breathtaking Unreal Engine demo that provided a glimpse at the PS5's graphical potential. Even if you didn't understand exactly what tech was being used to make it happen (which I didn't) you could still appreciate the beauty of it. Sony claims that this new console has already started production. He explained that its the PS5's SSD (solid-state drive) that really helps the console stand out, thanks to its ability to enable faster loading times and, in turn, larger and more detailed worlds.

While many were upset at the lack of AAA next-gen titles revealed during Microsoft's Inside Xbox livestream for Xbox Series X games, at least we've seen some software aiming for the target hardware. He added that it's "really exciting to be seeing the console market push forward the high-end PC market in this way".

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